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  • Births, deaths, marriages and care

    Parenting, civil partnerships, marriage, divorce and Power of Attorney

  • Citizenship and living

    Voting, community participation, international projects

  • Crime, justice and the law

    Legal processes, courts and the police

  • Money and tax

    Includes debt, Self Assessment and taxation

The Federal Republic of Lostisland is a global sovereignty and a cultural and social project resembling a new country based on the ideals of freedom and democracy. Being originally created in 2008 as a roleplay game, Lostisland since then turned into a multinational project with a total of over 200 participants (“citizens”) from countries such Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Great Britain, France, United States and many others, and with four languages, such as English, Dutch, Turkish, Russian having official status. Nowadays, amongst “citizens” of Lostisland can be found art workers, lawyers, IT specialists, journalists and people of many other qualifications who devote their skills to the succesful growth and development of the organization.